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Yoga Therapy for Your Hamstrings with Amir

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$45.00 Amir's Yoga Therapy for Hamstrings

This workshop will take place in the Arlington Studio and on Zoom.

The hamstrings are critical muscles that run along the backs of of the legs, and can pose quite a few problems that challenge our ease of movement and overall sense of well being. While yoga is often suggested for lengthening tight hamstrings, many yoga poses, such as forward bends, are limited by this tightness. Tight hamstrings are surprisingly common, and even with regular practice, many yoga students find this a  frustrating limitation to tackle, with a lot of effort and little reward.

This workshop is ideal for anyone with tight hamstrings, sciatica, or back pain. The focus will be on isolating the backs of the legs and using yoga therapeutic techniques to bring about a greater range of motion and flexibility to the hamstrings, which can decrease any overcompensation made by the spine – often the culprit of hip strain and chronic low back pain. 

This workshop will be recorded and available for one month following the event.

Amir Tahami

Amir stands at the helm as the most senior and followed teacher at, as well as the owner of, the nationally renowned Sun & Moon Yoga Studios in Northern Virginia. In his packed weekly public classes and private one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, he works attentively with students who want an enhanced quality of life through a plainspoken and sensible approach to health and well-being. His innovative techniques blending traditional Indian and Thai yoga influences with restorative postures, therapeutic applications, and somatic movement help students move gently forward on a path of healing, and encourages taking the mindfulness of yoga practice into everyday life. He has thousands of hours of training with teachers including Aadil Palkhivala, Tias Little, Rodney Yee, Doug Keller, and Leslie Kaminoff, and is also certified in Thai Yoga Therapy. Amir is an avid amateur hockey player, recently fulfilled a lifelong dream to design and build his own custom home, and is also known to herd cats.

Amir provides abundant and detailed instructions for how to move and takes his classes and workshops through the paces to practice alignment, energy movement, and clarity of mind. “Paying attention to the body is the hardest part,” he says. But when he’s dictating just exactly what to do with your shoulder blades – like leading with the blades in cat and cow, as opposed to the spine, as you might have always thought, or how to create space between each vertebra or what to do to stretch your connective tissue – the mind becomes laser-focused. He offers wisdom on anatomy and how to bring the lessons of healing into daily life – for knees, neck, back, shoulders, hips, and other parts that have been beaten down from work, injury, disease, aging, or disuse. He gives you the tools to practice these maneuvers at home and then wants you to go out there and live: play sports, climb mountains, expand your reach with a body that can.