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Anais Ortiz

Sun & Moon holds a special place in Anaïs’s heart. Her first yoga studies began with a high school English class on the philosophy of yoga, taught by Sun & Moon senior teacher and director Annie Moyer. Since that time, Anaïs has returned to the studio as a student and work exchanger, completed the 200-hr Foundations training program, and is currently continuing her studies as a student in the 500-hour Dharma training program.

Ever eager to learn, Anaïs’s love for yoga led her to pursue post-baccalaureate studies and research in Psychology as she prepares for graduate studies in this field. She currently looks to research on mindfulness, self-compassion, character strengths, personal growth, psychological flexibility, and eudaimonia to inspire her studies as well as her teaching.

Anaïs brings this passion for learning and discovery to every class she teaches. By encouraging curiosity and creating a compassionate environment, she guides students to explore limitation, embrace paradox, and question convention with a kind and open heart. Committed to helping students nurture a practice that extends beyond the studio, Anaïs’ classes focus on the foundations of yoga practiced at a slow and steady pace. Class themes often combine philosophy and psychology with meditation and asana to help students establish reciprocity between their practices on and off the mat. By allowing life and yoga to inform and honor each other, students cultivate a lifelong practice of integrated mind-body being.