Until May 28, masks are required in-person. As of May 29, in-person at Sun & Moon will be for fully-vaccinated people only and mask-optional. For the unvaccinated and those more comfortable at home, live-streaming and recorded classes are available ×


Bones & Balance

Classes will combine dynamic and still poses with mudras, pranayama, focus, mantras and guided meditations.

Chair Yoga

A gentle class with additional support for those who have trouble kneeling and/or getting up and down from the floor. Ideal for anyone working with physical challenges.  

Flow and Yin

Shake off your day with inspired movement, and then unravel deep layers of tension in connective tissue. 

Gentle Hatha 1

Accessible for beginners and those recovering from illness or injury. Taught at a slow pace, and includes basic postures with lots of support.


Basic poses at a slow pace with lots of support. Ideal for those recovering from illness or injury, working with chronic health concerns, or lots of stress.

Hatha 1

A basic introduction to yoga breathing, postures, and relaxation. Great for beginners or those looking for a basic ongoing practice.

Hatha 2

Refines the basics and provides more detailed alignment instructions and breath work. Slightly more physical challenge than Hatha 1.

Hatha All Levels

A well-rounded practice that Includes the basics as well as options for more challenging modifications.

Kundalini Quick Fix

An active practice that works on the various internal systems of the body to cultivate vitality and feel more integration.

Mat Pilates

Dynamic rhythms and progressions focused on core-strengthening coordinated with breath.


A general survey and practice of various meditation philosophies and practices. 

Meditative Yoga

A slow, mindful practice close to the ground, influenced by several movement modalities.

Pranayama & Meditation

Teaches the fundamentals of breath-based yoga practice, cultivating conditioned inhalation and exhalation to focus the mind and deepen one's practice of seated meditation. 

Prenatal Yoga

An all-levels course which supports and empowers expectant mothers. 

Restorative Yoga

Relax in yoga postures where the body is entirely supported by blankets, blocks, and other props.

Tai Chi

Based on a 5,000-year-old Chinese energy healing system, this class brings the body and mind into a state of balance and self-regulation.

Vinyasa All Levels

A faster-paced, physically challenging practice that builds stamina and strength through a series of flowing poses.

Yin Yoga

A close-to-the-ground practice in long-held poses that complements a more active yang yoga practice and life

Yin, Yang, and Meditation

Gentle to moderate (yang) movement, yin yoga postures, and mindfulness meditation, heart-centered and influenced by Yoga, Taoism, and Buddhism. 

Yoga for Core Stability

This class focuses on integrating, balancing, stabilizing, and strengthening the many muscles of the front, back and sides of the torso.

Yoga for Healthy Aging

A research-based course of 37 essential practices correlated to increased healthy life span.

Yoga for Teens

A playful yet disciplined practice of breath, body, meditation and mindfulness to support the teenage experience.