Resolution Refresh for Spring: Yoga, Mindfulness, and IFS "Parts Work" with Jennifer O'Sullivan

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$45.00 Resolution Refresh for Spring with Jennifer O'Sullivan

This workshop will take place in the Arlington Studio, in-person only. 

Reimagine your aspirations and plans for the year with this anti-hustle and grounded approach to planning. 

If we were to follow the cycles of nature, spring would be the ideal season for resolutions and plans, because this is the time of year when when dynamic, yang energy and creativity are on the rise. Energetically, mid-winter is when our creativity and energy are lowest, and maybe what you came up with last winter doesn’t stand up to the test of time now that the calendar year is underway (do you really want to commit to that anyway?).

In this multi-modal exploration of what we really want from our year, we'll shape our near-term aspirations and dreams in guided and supported community, with the hopes of a with more internal buy-in for longer run doability. 

First we'll root into the grounded support of the body with gentle, nourishing yoga, followed by mindfulness meditation to anchor the mind so that our quieter voices will have room to come forward.

Then we'll use creative Internal Family Systems (IFS)* activities to connect with the parts of ourselves that could use help staying on track. Art materials will be provided (including paper, oil pastels, and markers) but bring your favorites if you have them. Bring a journal for writing exercises. 

*IFS is a powerful and compassionate inquiry method for getting to know what inspires and scares us. Originally developed as a psychotherapy model, “Parts Work” is now used around the world in a variety of non-therapeutic settings, from meditation to coaching and creative arts. IFS inspired the movie “Inside Out,” and is based on the idea that our mind is made up of sub-personalities - or parts - that, at times, may have conflicting ideas about how we should live our lives. By engaging with these parts in various ways, we can uncover their motivations and support them in finding more skillful and easeful ways of showing up. 

Jennifer O'Sullivan

For nearly 20 years, Jennifer has helped people reconnect to the wisdom of their body, cultivate attitudinal balance, develop better attunement with others, and bring forward compassionate presence with Yoga and Buddhist mindfulness classes, workshops, and professional courses. She also offers powerful self-inquiry facilitation using the evidence-based Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work model. Jennifer has studied with exemplary teachers from many disciplines. She is most influenced by Don & Amba Stapleton of the Nosara Yoga Institute (Kripalu lineage) and Sarah Powers. Her mind is rooted in Theravada Buddhism, and her Zen heart is held lovingly by the International Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism. She is a level 3-trained IFS Practitioner with a particular interest in how culture and other external forces shape how we see ourselves.